A community-maintained repository of free software for the reMarkable tablet.

Install Toltec

To install Toltec, paste the following lines in a SSH session on your reMarkable. This will install the Toltec package repository and related tools.

$ wget
$ echo "5b494f5b98c4cb5f1d9836f966075026abf48a0cd320a99c026c4b18d76c8a0b  bootstrap" | sha256sum -c
$ bash bootstrap

What Does Toltec Do?

Toltec is a repository of unofficial applications for the reMarkable tablet, similar to Homebrew for Mac or Linux. Toltec keeps track of which apps you have installed and makes it easy to update or remove them.

Use the opkg command to add, remove, and update packages from the command line.

$ opkg update
$ opkg upgrade
$ opkg install <package>
$ opkg remove <package>
$ opkg info <package>

Or install nao to manage packages using a graphical interface.


Frequently Asked Questions